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A Five Star Hotel in Dubai

I’ve never really been what you would call a 5* girl. However much I’d like to think that I could rival Carrie Bradshaw, my Saturdays are more likely to be spent downing shots in my Bridget Jones pants watching bad TV, than sipping cosmo’s in Louboutins.

That’s not to say a girl doesn’t like a bit of luxury… but over the top service isn’t something I handle well. I hate people fussing around me, and 5* places usually expect 5* behaviour – not the ridiculously awkward person I seem to morph into when faced with that type of environment.

But on our way to Australia, for one night only, we stayed at one of the Arabian Summer Houses at the Madinat Jumeriah in Dubai… the most luxurious resort I hve ever been to. I couldn’t even begin to describe how beautiful and glamourous is was… well I could like, but I would just be properly gloating and nobody likes a show off.

One of the services they do provide, however, is your own personal butler… someone to attend to your every need and generally dote on you 24 hours a day.

Cue awkwardness.

That night we  trotted down to the complimentary cockatil hour, where us and the three other Arabain Summer House guests had two hours to get as much alcohol inside us as physically possible before having to fork out the equivalent of £80 for a standard bottle of wine…

Four families; one  of them an Indian family with about six generations of members, means a lot of drinks – and poor Larson (our lovely butler) was beside himself with people clicking at him, giving him orders, and generally demanding more, more, more… But not once did he lose his composure, not once did his smile even begin to waiver.

I couldn’t believe it. During my waitressing days I did a lot of silver service, and barely a day went by when I didn’t tell some snotty bitch clicking at me to go and fuck herself.

As 9pm drew closer I asked him for a final glass of wine. Disgusted with himself that he hadn’t topped me up before I asked, he ran… RAN in the 40 degree heat to get me more wine. I couldn’t get over it, no-one has ever, or should ever run in that sort of heat because I fancy another glass of wine (which evidently was one too many as I spent the entire next morning with my head down the toilet).

I tried to tell him not to rush, that whenever he had a chance was fine, I was in no hurry and he certainly didn’t have to run in that sort of heat – but that only made it worse. “Sorry Miss Jennifer, I don’t mean to let you down”.

So what is ‘luxury’? The scenary was beautiful, the drinks were lovely and most importanly they were free – but for some people the presence of a butler; someone to attend your every need is what makes the experience the enigmatic ‘five stars’.

Honestly, it just made me feel really bad for Larson and a bit awkward at all the fussing – so I guess, like so many other things, Luxury is in the eye of the drinkholder.

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Elle September 3, 2011 at 12:07 am

Well hello there foxy! Sounds like a great way to kick off your trip! I hope all is well, can’t wait to read more of your adventures. We’ll definitely have to catch up when you get back xo


Stefanie September 5, 2011 at 6:14 pm

How pretty! What a fun experience. I agree, having a butler might be a little awkward, having someone watching and fawning over me! But still, not something I wouldn’t try at least once! One of my goals is to jump on the bed at a fancy hotel…did you jump on the bed?!


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