October 2011

When I planned my trip to Australia I fully expected to come home with thousands of photos of koalas and kangaroos – preferably all wearing cork hats and drinking fosters.

Five and a half weeks I was there and the only native animals I saw was about 30 2D kangaroos that had been squashed on the road, and one dead possum outside a cake shop.

(That is possibly one of the most depressing sentences I’ve ever written.)

Anyway, as a desperate attempt to rectify the situation, I spent my last day  down under at Phillips Island’s koala sanctuary, which also happened to be the only day in the  whole 5 and a half weeks it decided to, not just rain, but absolutely lash it  down. Being koalas, they were all eating or sleeping curled up into tiny little  furry balls to avoid the cold – so being generally lazy I had an immediate  affiliation with them.

They were proper cute, I mean, REALLY cute… just  look at his little face…

…but eventually my hate of being cold, wet or standing up gave in and I crept inside out of the rain… only to find a giant cuddly koala toy waiting for me…

Needless to say I did what any self-respecting 23 year old would do and shouted “ey Mum, get on this… Get a fotie of me huggin’ it will you..” Flung my camera at her, plonked my arse on the big bastards knee and smiled my cheesiest smile for the camera.

 A smile that began to waiver as I saw a tiny little Japanese lady creep up  behind my mum, adjust the lense of her fancy, stereotypical camera and snap  away at me.

As her mates gathered around her, the phrase ‘to act awkward’  was a massive understatement. I scrabbled to get up but, having wrapped the  toys arms around me so tightly I began to drag the 4 foot toy off its platform  along with me.

Anyway should anyone find the above photo posted on any sort of ‘weird little white girls for sale’ site, let me know.

Sleeping in a ball


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