November 2013

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Holidays are coming…

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends across the pond – I planned on writing a post all about the holiday, until I realised that I didn’t know the first thing about Thanksgiving,  (besides what I learnt from a very questionable reenactment in The Addams Family Values.) So instead, I though I’d join in with the festive spirit and do a quick post on the things I’m looking forward to this Christmas… 

Thanksgiving pin up

The food

christmas food

I’m sure everyone thinks their Mum makes the best Christmas dinner, but mine actually does – sorry. I actually try not to eat anything on Christmas Eve purely so I can fit more in the next day. Just look at those roast potatoes. Need I say any more?

The hot alcohol

mulled wine

Do you know what’s even better than wine? Hot wine. There’s absolutely nothing better than watching Christmas films with a mulled wine on an icy evening – which brings me on to…

The chance of snow

snowman_dead_soonThere’s nothing better than a white Christmas, and as one of the soggiest countries in Europe the chances of snow in the UK are always pretty high, (not to mention the fact that I’ve already started checking this website on a daily basis to see how our chances our looking.) Plus, I live opposite a primary school so I like to get… creative when it comes to making snowmen – but that’s a post for another time.

The German markets


I absolutely love it when the German Markets come to town, not only because they make me feel really Christmassy, but because I’d much prefer to buy presents from independent sellers than from the big corporations. Plus, as soon as the markets arrive you know you can get a mulled wine at pretty much every corner if Christmas shopping gets too stressful.

The people

Scarlet Wonderland Christmas

And finally, the most important part of Christmas for me is seeing my family and friends – especially those that I don’t really get to spend time with during the rest of the year. That’s the thing about Christmas, it brings people together – whether it’s to loved ones you haven’t seen all year, or to the homeless guy who you buy a hot meal for, people make an effort at Christmas and there’s so much more of a sense of community.

Until next time… x


(Is this what Thanksgiving’s all about?)


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