July 2014

Three years ago I got on a plane to Australia for a six week adventure.

Three years and two weeks ago I bought scarletwonderland.com – the ‘bucket list travel blog’. Because every traveler should have a bucket list, right? And I was about to become the most well-travelled person online.

I don’t know who I thought I was, but approximately 2 weeks into my travel blogging adventure I realised that, not only was I not the most well-traveled person online, but I was actually too scared/uninterested/skint to do 90% of the ridiculous I’d put on my bucket list.

I probably should of  just quit right there and then, but I didn’t. I kept on blogging, I stopped worrying that I didn’t have as many exciting travel stories as other people out there, and I just started writing about whatever the hell I wanted.

Of course, reading past blogs makes me cringe like nothing else, (except, obviously, the sheer thought of people singing Happy Birthday to me at a restaurant.) In fact, at least twice a week I consider deleting everything prior to November 2013… but I don’t, because that awful, embarrassing person was me then, and I fully expect to be completely humiliated by the blogs I’m writing now when I read them back in three years time.

The reason I mention all this is because, on a daily basis, my social media is flooded with ‘How-to’s’ and ‘Top Tips’ trying to dictate the ‘right’ way to blog. You, quite literally, can’t move an inch through the internet without coming across someone who wants to throw their two cents in and tell other people how they should be blogging. Bloggers are blogging about blogging more than they blog about what they want to blog about. It’s like inception. Only really fucking boring. And the perfectly-chiseled-by-angels face of Leonardo DiCaprio is nowhere to be seen.

But as that’s what we bloggers apparently do, I thought I’d best get involved and give my TOP TIPS… well, TIP for all new bloggers:

 blog advice for newbies

Be yourself. 

That is genuinely the best advice for anyone looking to start a blog, or anyone who’s had a blog since the internet was invented.

Write about whatever the fuck you want. If you’re travelling the world, write about your life. If you’re working 9-5 in an office cubicle, write about your life. Jesus, if you’re passionate about giant fucking vegetables, write about that.

That weird post I did about sloths when I was smacked up on cold and flu tablets is still my post searched post.

Don’t put yourself in a box where you feel like you can only write about certain things, because life isn’t like that. And, if you decide to put yourself into a niche; a travel bogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, don’t forget to inject your own personality into it.   Take inspiration from the likes of Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps or Leandra from Manrepeller – stay yourself and don’t let your niche silence your voice. Because you’re brilliant.

Oh, and to complete this Inception-esque blogger blogging tip blog, here’s a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio aggressively enjoying summer. 

leonardo dicaprio funny

Until next time… x


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