July 2015

I’ve always thought I’d make an amazing Victoria Secret model. That is, of course, if I could stop planning my next meal before the one I’m eating is finished.

What can I say; I love food. Who are we kidding, we all love food. Food is the one.

So, for me, the idea of taking Give Kitchen’s 22 day Vegan challenge; surviving solely on a plant-based diet was daunting – especially to someone who’s cooking skills are 90% just melting cheese on stuff.
But, with the promise of rapid weight loss, more energy, better skin and hair and a general feeling of sorting my life out, I was sold. Well, I was tempted. I was SOLD when I found out that Queen Bey used the same diet to get ready for the Met Gala and THAT dress! What, I could look that hot? Pass me the fucking fork.
beyonce met gala
So let’s break this down:

What’s the diet?

Each week you’re sent seven days’ worth of meals: two meals a day and a ‘sweet bite’ (usually a little Vegan brownie or some sort of flapjack). They suggest that you supplement it with fruit and nuts, but to be honest the meals are that filling you really don’t have to.

Did it work?

Over the 22 days I lost 10lbs, (dropping from 9 st 6lbs to 8 st 10lb) which is crazy considering that I didn’t feel hungry – actually, if anything, I was so full after eating the meals, I worried that I’d put on weight thought about halving the portion sizes, (I quickly knocked that idea on the head though, as I said: food is bae.)
The main change for me, however, was the way I felt. It sounds like a cliché, but I genuinely felt healthier; less bloated, more energy and, I’m just going to say it, really smug about how healthy I was being.

Would I do it again?

Definitely. Having tried every fad diet out there, from juicing to T6’s this is the first time I’ve tried something that’s allowed me to eat and still lose weight.

Full disclosure: I cheated once in the third week after getting bladdered on Seel Street and eating a very questionable looking portion of cheesy chips that was definitely not prepared in a vegan-friendly environment.  Whilst 80% of the food is actually really tasty, (obviously there’s a few wildcards that I thought were vile, but that’s to be expected) by the third week I was pining for a decent cuppa and a chocolate hobnob.

For me, the only problem was that 22 days can be quite restrictive when it comes to socialising or eating out. But, to be honest, after two weeks  I’d already lost 7lbs and I felt amazing. So, next time, (unless I was doing it to get beach ready or for a special event) I’d probably be strict for two weeks then incorporate the rest of the meals into my normal life.

give results

Until next time… x

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