February 2016


It’s been over 15 years since Bring It On came into our lives and made us all want to ditch our boring school netball kits in favour of cheerleading uniforms.

For those of us who spent our teens telling our friends not “not to put the ‘duh’ in dumb”, Bring it On was the go-to guide for those important life lessons…

1. You can’t half-­arse things in life – if you’re going to ­do something you need to give it your whole arse

Back in the 20th Century, we were all just getting on with our lives; blissfully unaware to what spirit fingers are. Then we enter a new millennium and in comes Sparky Polastri to wake our ignorant selves up.

You can’t just meekly wiggle your fingers and pass them off a state final winning spirit fingers. Same with the fact you can’t start your dissertation the week before it’s due, or expect your abs to appear after doing just 5 sit ups the night before you fly out to Ibiza. If you want something in life, you’ve got to give it your all ­ your full extended spirit fingers.

2. Stealing someone’s work is shady and rude.

Whether it’s copying someone’s witty tweet rather than RTing, or ‘accidentally’ buying the entire contents of your mate’s wardrobe, it’s not cool to be a clone. Sure, be inspired but don’t be the kind of person that couldn’t even conjure up their own imaginary friends and had to play with others.

As Torrence learns at the end, it’s better to come second being true to yourself than winning for someone else’s work.

3. The human memory works in mysterious ways.

bring it on kirsten dunst gif tumblr imgur I'm sexy I'm cute I'm popular to boot

“I’m sexy, I’m cute…” 15 years on and within hearing the opening bars, I can still recite the entire cheer from the opening credits, word for word. I’m not even ashamed. But ask me where I put my phone down less than five minutes ago and my mind draws a blank? What’s the craic, Brain?

4. Friends brothers always turn out to be hot.


One minute they annoying AF; skitting you and your mate as you try and contour your face so much you actually resemble your cousin’s passport picture and can get in the club. Then suddenly, as if by magic, they completely transform one day. They go from Calvin Harris circa 2007 to the tanned, topless cycling on snap chatting hot Calvin Harris we all appreciate today.

Yes, friend’s brothers are always handy to keep an eye on as Bring It On taught us so well. Cliff > Aaron 4EVA

Finally, and most importantly…

5. Never ever forget to Bring It.

bring it

Until next time… x


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