August 2017

For as long as I can remember I planned to backpack around Cali – I know, not exactly the usual backpacking destination. But what can I say; I’ve always found the whole hippy/San Francisco thing really appealing. But as I edge closer to the big 3-0 the idea of sleeping in a hostel next to strangers banging, or living on less than $10 per day is becoming a little less sparkly. So, while I try and figure out how I’m going to pack for my big Califronian Van Life adventure next year, I’ve passed the reigns over to Emma to give you the dos and don’ts of travelling to the city of Angels. — Scarlett xx

Do: Treat Yo’Self:

Leave the hostels and couchsurfing to other destinations. When you’re in LA, you owe it to yourself to travel in style. Why not check out one of the luxury homes in Los Angeles to spend a few nights? They may be a bit pricier than a hostel, but they’re actually surprisingly affordable when you split the cost with your mates. Plus they comes with the added benefits of roof top pools and gorgeous Pacific Ocean views.

Don’t: Stay Downtown:

Most people automatically seem to think that the best place to stay in Los Angeles is Downtown – when, really, it usually makes for a more expensive and inconvenient travel experience. For a start, there aren’t actually that many must-see attractions in this part of the city. Secondly, the traffic and congestion to get in and out are horrendous. People who stay here find that they’re often stuck in traffic and end up with road-rage by proxy.

Do: Hit up the Food Trucks:

Food trucks provide gourmet standard food ranging from some of the best tacos that you’ll ever try to delicious burgers and hotdogs. Absolutely loved by the locals, the food trucks are one of the cities best kept secrets from tourists. The food is much more affordable than restaurants… but expect it to still feel a little pricey.

Don’t: Blow All Your Money on the First Night:

Hitting the bars is a great way to meet locals and hard to resist on your first night in any new city… but don’t forget that LA is an extremely expensive city to travel in. Drinks can be almost twice as high as other places and a few drinks and a meal can easily cost up to $100. If you do go out, make sure you know how much the drinks are and have a little self-control. It’s very easy for people to spend their weekly budget in a single night on the town*.

*Sounds like a job for Handbag Vodka to me. –Scarlett

travel guide to LA

Do Rent a Car:

Los Angeles is a perfect place to get your road trip on. You can drive to some of the national parks that are just a short distance from downtown for hiking or to watch the sunset. Or, if you’re feeling it, lash some good music on and mooch a little further afield to some of the cute little towns. Honestly, most of the sights in LA are far apart , so your own wheels will give you a little bit more freedom to check off your bucket list.

Don’t Spend All Your Time at Santa Monica:

Don’t get me wrong, Santa Monica is an awesome beach that attracts thousands of locals and tourists every week. If that many people visit, it must be good, right? Well yes and no. Just imagine how crowded it will get on weekends or during the peak times. Instead, think about swerving the crowds and driving a little further along the coast to one of the more secluded beaches such as Cabrillo Beach and Carbon Beach.

Do Bring Your ID:

Don’t forget, the drinking age in the United States is 21, so if you’re lucky enough to look under, well, 40 you’re going to get ID’s. This can come as quite a shock for tourists who come from a country where drinking is more relaxed. Make sure you bring a form of ID with you if you want to avoid the cringe.

Don’t Spend All Your time in the Bars:

During the warmer months, there are lots of outdoor events and activities that allow you to bring your own drinks – which is going to mean a much cheaper night! This includes free movie screenings and outdoor concerts in some of the parks or along the beach. Check online or ask a local if there are any upcoming events when you’re in the city.

But most importantly, enjoy yourself! After all, you’re in the city of angels!

Until next time… x


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