September 2017

I’ve already given you the low-down of things you need to know before you visit Liverpool. So I’m, because I’m a helpful little fucker sometimes, I’m passing the reigns over to the gorgeous scran aficionado, Hungry Harriet, to let you in on all the places you absolutely have to eat and drink in town rarrrr now. Fat life 4eva IDET – Scarlett xx

I’ve been eating and drinking my way through the lovely land of Liverpool since Quiggins was the mecca of milkshakes and Eddie Rockets was the holy grail of cheese fries and hamburgers. I’ve scranned on many a post-night out Lobster Pot and spent more hours than I’d care to admit spooning wholesome veggie fare down my gizzard at The Egg Cafe before ruining it all with a big bowl of chocolate fudge pud and custard. Hence why my blog, Hungry Harriet (even though my name’s Steph but details, details) was born.

I did leg it to Manchester for a couple of years (forgive me Scousers for I have sinned) and I do live on the dark side (yep, I’m a Wirral wool) but my heart (and stomach) will always be right here in little old Liverpool. So, believe me when I say I know what I’m talking about here. I’d like to say both my palate and the eateries on offer in the city have refined somewhat since 2k8 so here is my compilation of the top things to eat and drink if you want the ultimate Scouse experience 2017-stylee.

If you can somehow wangle yourself a dinner date at somebody’s Nan’s gaff for an actual bowl of scouse and beetroot then even better. You might even get a whopping portion of bread ‘n’ butter on the side to mop it all up with – but failing that, these bad boys should be your go-to:

1 – A $5 Shake from Santa Chupitos

If you haven’t navigated yourself to Slater Street’s infamous Santa Chupitos, ordered a $5 Shake cocktail and then posted a snap of it on your Instagram, have you really been to Liverpool? As popular with the Cricket WAGs as with the skater kids of Bold Street, the Santa’s boozy shake is a cult Liverpool bevvy that you really don’t want to miss out on.

santa chupitos shakes

2 –  Sunday roast at Slim’s Pork Chop Express

There are plenty of decent places to get a good Yorkshire pud in Liverpool but nothing quite combats a Scouse hangover like Slim’s offering. With all of the trimmings, like… ALL of the trimmings, this absolute whopper is also unmissable.

slims pork chop express roast dinner

3 – Afternoon tea at Panoramic 34

What better way to bag the most bangin’ views of the city than 300 feet up in the air at Panoramic 34? A little more on the pricey side and definitely airing on the side of luxury, you’re going to have to leave your AirMax at home for this one.


4 – Yoghurt Chat Bombs at Mowgli

You’ve never eaten real Indian street food until you’ve tasted what little Mowgli has to offer. Mowgli is kind of taking over the world (or at least the UK) right now with restaurants popping up all over the place but let’s never forget she was born and bred right here in Liverpool. There are always queues for a table at the Bold Street venue ‘cause it’s just that damn tasty so consider booking a table at the Water Street restaurant instead.

mowgli liverpool

5 – Sushi at The Vincent Cafe & Cocktail Bar

Part-owned by Steven Gerrard (Liverpool football legend and heartthrob of many roller-wearing, lip-pouting prinnies from Crocky to Tocky), ‘Vincent’s’ has fast become one of the city’s hottest hangouts. Sitting pretty on Exchange Flags in the stylish commercial district, this is the place to be if you’re looking for something fancy but you know, not too fancy. Oh and there’s plenty more on the menu – not just sushi for those sushi haters out there.

vincent liverpool sushi

6 – The Beatles Colada at Hard Days Night Hotel

You don’t me to tell you that Liverpool was the home of The Beatles… blah blah blah you’ve heard it a hundred time before, right? Well we’re still bloody proud of it, okay? So proud in fac that we have a Beatles-themed hotel which serves up Beatles-themed cocktails. You can also get your hands on a Liverpool Gin here (as well as pretty much every other bar in the city), which is our very own distill. Ooh we fancy, huh!

hard days night hotel liverpool

7 – Late night slice at Nightcrawler Pizza

You can keep your kebabs and you can shove your cheesy chips where the sun don’t shine (we love you really Mr. Chips) because we’ve got Nightcrawler Pizza. Nestled next to one of the city’s coolest watering holes, The Merchant, Nightcrawler dishes out pizza slices as big as your friggin’ head until the small hours for just a couple of quid a pop. Absolute winner.

nightcrawer pizza liverpool

8 – A burger at Almost Famous

Okay so the ultimate Scouse initiation – can you polish off one of possibly, no definitely, THE dirtiest burgers in town? You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past 5 years to not know about Almost Famous. It’s like the red light district for meat sluts and an absolute must-do if you’re out and about in the city.


Until next time… xx


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