February 2018

January is over, and so is the blind motivation to get fit as fuck that we all had when we were still smacked up on Christmas sugar.

Keeping up the fitness momentum into February is hard; you’re sick of broccoli, it’s cold so you have to wear bulky jackets that ruin your outfit at the risk of your nipples cutting through your flimsy gym tops, and frankly just being alive in winter is exhausting AF in my opinion.

But trust me, if you keep going now, future you (who wants to wear booty shorts as soon as temperatures hit 12 degrees) will thank you. So here are some ways to stay motivated:

Do the worst shit first

It might sound like I’m stating the bleeding obvious by saying you should get all the exercises you hate out of the way first, but when you’ve managed to drag yourself to the gym for 6am without even a coffee to take the edge off, chances are you’re going to start with the stuff you enjoy doing. But don’t fall into the trap – because by the time you’re finished on the birthing machines you’re going to already be tired and bored.

Instead, grab the proverbial bull by his balls and get that HIIT workout out the way before your brain has the chance to figure out what’s going on.

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Bribe yourself

When you do get your arse to the gym, treat yourself. I don’t necessarily mean with a 14” pizza –  unless you did burpees in which case, babe, you fucking earned it. But buy yourself a caramel frappe, binge watch old episodes of Desperate Housewives whilst ignoring phone calls, get your nails done – whatever makes YOU feel good.

gym motivation treat yourself

Look good, feel good

If you’re gym kit is just a slightly less holey version of your fake tan jarmies (you know which ones I mean!) you’re not going to feel very confident walking through meatheat corner towards the squat rack.

I generally begrudge buying workout clothes because, frankly I’d much rather spend my hard-earned money on a cute dress that I won’t spend the whole time sweating in. But the fact of the matter is; if you feel like you look horrible at the gym, you’re not going to want to be there for very long.

gym motivation look good

Take a mate

Do you really think the reason celebrities are in unreal shape is because of all that BooTea they’re flogging on Instagram? The answer in a hard no. It’s because they have expensive personal trainers who scream at them until they finish their reps. So, if you can hire PT, brilliant – your squat booty awaits. But if you don’t fancy splashing the cash, take a mate with you or take a class where it’s too embarrassing to leave before the end.

gym motivation take a friend


Now don’t get me wrong, HIIT (high intensity interval training for those of you who have managed to avoid this hell so far) is truly horrendous. The idea is to choose your exercise, then do it flat out for  20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.

Doing this 8-10 times will leave you absolutely dead AF by the end, but the 20 seconds go so fast that you won’t even realise how hard you’re training.

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Until next time… x


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