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Go Sex And The City In Dubai

I had one night and one night only in a five star hotel in Dubai, and in my head I imagined 24 hours of complete glamour and luxury – all very Sex and the City-esque.

Of course just being there made me feel all very fancy – staying in a resort like that it’s impossible not to feel like that… but the experience, very clearly, pointed out that me and Carrie Bradshaw really are worlds apart.

These are just a few of my very un-glamourous moments in Dubai…

  1. Besides Samantha having a hot flush on the back of a Camel, you don’t once see any of the girls sweating – they don’t even look hot. Not only did I spend 24 hours sweating prefusely , but I had a minor incident while paddling in the sea, where heat stroke clearly got the better of me.
  2. When they arrived off the god-forsaken flight they all look fabulous. Not one of them has picked off every last strand of mascara just for something to do, and certainly none of them have accidently left their travel socks on from the plane. Combined with my denim mini skirt, I looked more ‘special’ than ‘librarian chic’.
  3. Not only do they all get off the plane looking amazing, they get to check into their room immediately. Between having had literally no sleep on the overnight flight and getting told it would be another 3 hours at least until we could check in, I had practically lost the will to live. Giving up caring what anyone thought, I fell asleep in the lobby for all to see. Not only did I fall asleep there like a narkaleptic, but I mashed one of their fanciest cushions out of any recognition – not that it mattered after I’d dribbled all over it anyway. What’s worse, when we left we discovered a whole room full of Lazy Boys loungers specially for people waiting around.
  4. As I only had one night there, for some reason I decided that ‘luxury’ meant skipping tea in favour of a liquid meal instead – when I woke up the next morning the resort had disappeared because I had drank it and I was absolutely starving. Desperately searching the room for anything I could eat, all I found was a complimentary bunch of bananas that I’m pretty sure was only there for ornamental purposes. Still semi-pissed I ate FOUR bananas in the space of about five minutes, then proceeded to throw up for the next four hours. Classy bird.Next time I’m staying in a travel lodge where  I belong.

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Melissa September 5, 2011 at 2:44 pm

This post is actually my favorite Monday read LOL. Damn those Sex and the City girls, getting us to believe it’s possible to be glamorous in situations where it really ISN’T!!


Carola September 9, 2011 at 6:59 pm

Your stories are so amusing. Perhaps you are not as glamorous as the Sex and the City gals; but a movie of your adventures would probably surpase their movie by far!

PS, what’s with the math requirements to post comments? That is not my strong point.


Jeff September 22, 2011 at 7:12 pm

A great read and breakdown of the movie versus actuality. :)


Jenn January 25, 2012 at 1:48 pm

First–I would have had to turn around and go back to where-ever it is I came from if someone wasn’t going to turn off the perspiration shower!! OMG I hate being sweaty–unless I’m working out–and then it is okay–otherwise–uhm, no thanks. You had me giggling though!! Yes, I’m sure the Sex and the City version of being in luxury was far from what it is really like–approximately the distance from Dubai to Hollywood!! LOLOL! Cheers, Jenn


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