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3 ways to swing a romantic Valentine’s Day at home

If, like me, you want your Valentines day to be more about sex than set menus, you might want to swerve heading to a crowded restaurant in favour of a night in. But staying home doesn’t have to mean you scrimp on romance, so I’ve handed the reigns to fab head, Joy Richards who’s the sleep and wellness specialist at Happy Beds, (the UK’s leading bed and mattress store) to give her top tips on having a romantic V-day in the house! 

If the idea of spending Valentine’s Day sitting in a restaurant surrounded by numerous other couples is your worst nightmare, you may want to consider a dinner date at home instead. Or, perhaps you resent paying over the odds for a meal just because it’s February 14th!

Well, I don’t blame you. Forget going out next Tuesday, and show your other half just how much you love them from the comfort of your own home….

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Become a Pizzaiolo for the Day

If, as with me, pizza is the way to your other half’s heart, pizza making is a ‘must’. Put those takeaway menus away and instead, turn your kitchen into an Italian dream.

The two of you can make your own pizza bases from scratch and add a variety of your favourite toppings. Be as creative as you like; make mini pizzas, create a heart-shaped pizza or even go further and make a dessert pizza. It’ll be love at first bite!

If you really want to amp things up, why not turn it into a bit of a competition? Make ‘His’ and ‘Her’ pizzas and have a vote on whose is tastier. Whoever loses has to do the washing up – the next day of course!

Open Your Own Massage Parlour

Not literally. Just for each other, of course. Transform your bedroom into a romantic and relaxing space for the evening. Light some candles or switch on fairy lights to create a cosy atmosphere. If you’ve got a dimmer in your boudoir, even better. However, you can pick up fairy lights for a few quid in a bargain shop.

I personally believe that making your bedroom smell wonderful will further add to the ambience, so incense sticks and scented candles are a winner. To further add to the tranquil setting, put on a playlist and you’ll be all set to give your loved one a good massage!

Don’t forget oil. Lavender oil in particular is perfect for a relaxing massage so get your mitts on this cleansing and refreshing oil before Valentine’s Day creeps round.

Binge Watch Romantic Films

Ladies, if there’s one day of the year that you can get your man to watch a romance without complaining, it’s Valentine’s Day.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring the duvet downstairs, crack open your favourite bottle of wine and get lost in Allie and Noah’s love story. If you don’t know who I’m referring to then you definitely need to watch The Notebook this February 14th.

If you have a pull out sofa bed in your lounge, you can stay put until the morning! There’s nothing worse than having to drag yourself up to bed when you’re comfy on the sofa. Spend the night in the lounge after your film marathon; the perfect end to your Valentine’s Day at home.

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