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Britain is still in the throws of a heatwave, which means 3 things; BBQ’s, day drinking and complaining that it’s “hot isn’t it?!”

So if you’re going somewhere this weekend where BYOB is frowned upon, (festivals, christenings, your mother in law’s) here are three ways you can smuggle your own alcohol in.

Carb loading

If crusty loaves didn’t already do enough to make us happy, you can also use them to smuggle tiny bottles of booze into otherwise horrendously  dull picnics.

smuggle alcohol into football games

Going incognito

Unless you’re truly dedicated to the art of drinking on the sly, this one seems like a lot of faffing. But it does

First use the can opener to cut the bottom off a can, then cut a straight line from the top to the bottom, (obviously it’s going to be sharp so use your common sense) and just wrap it around the unassuming stubby you’ve been craving all day.

fake can covers for alcohol

Feel the burn

Everyone know how important it is to protect your skin from harmful UV rays when it’s sweltering out… including festival officials/park wardens/fucking busybodys. Just wash out an old suncream bottle and, easy as that, you’ve got a brand new flask for your drink of choice.

smuggle booze suncream

Until next time… x


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