Scarlett View…

Meet Sam, he’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a man.

doberman puppy

For a start he’s tall, dark and handsome…

doberman dog

…and he’ll always make sure he looks good for you.

dog looking at himself in the mirror

He’s sociable and always up for meeting new people…

doberman puppy and calf

…but he also loves a quiet night in with old friends. 

puppies sleeping

He’s brave, so he’ll protect you from all those terrifying creatures out there.

doberman and cat

But he’s also really sensitive, and cares for all creatures great or small.

big dog and little dog

He’d wait out in the rain all day for you, just to say Hello…

cute doberman

…and he’s never going to let something as daft as a wall stand in between your love.

doberman stood on table

He’s a real foodie and loves to try new things.

doberman eating corn on the cob

And he’s happy to help you out in the garden wherever he can.

doberman digging a hole

But most importantly, he’s loyal – and he’ll always look after you.

doerman protecting other dog

But he still knows you’re the boss.

doberman in garden

Like I said, he’s perfect…


…and maybe one day he’ll take you on one of his adventures.

dog on boat

So form a queue, bitches.

cute doberman dog


Is smoking back in fashion?

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The year is 1955; Elvis has made his TV debut, James dean was at the peak of his career and smoking was really fucking cool. Somewhere over the next sixty years, between yellow teeth and

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Surviving wedding season

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When you hit a certain age you find that Wedding ceremonies inevitably (and often reluctantly) become part of your summer plans.  90% of the time it’ll fall smack bang in the middle of a bank

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Jeremy Clarkson: Political Correctness Gone Mad?

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When  it comes to Jeremy Clarkson I think we can all agree that he’s a knobhead. Whether you like him or not, we all know full well that he’s a bit of a tit. And

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The reality of taking a bath together

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Last week I popped round to one of my friend’s houses to congratulate her on her new baby. Urgh, I know!  There she is; settling down, bringing new life into the world, while here I

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Thumbnail image for Facebook Mutants.

Facebook Mutants.

Are you a complete psychopath? Sorry, I have to ask because Facebook is absolutely fucking full of them. Now, I’m not talking about your standard, run of the mill internet warriors that inhabit the likes

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