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My parents are badass

Last weekend my Mum and Dad got back from gallivanting around Asia** – aka; putting me to shame by being absolute couple and travel goals all at once. Seriously though, they stayed in tree-houses in the jungle, learned to shoot poison darts through tribal pea-shooters and flew round islands on speed boats all month. If I’m even half as badass as them when I’m in my 50’s I’ll be made up.

So, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, their 35th wedding anni in May and to celebrate the fact I made it through the three and a half weeks they were away without dying or going to jail, I thought I’d get a couple of truprint photo books made up for them to look back over all their adventures over the years.

Anyway, going through photo’s for the last three days has given me all the feels about how lucky I am to have a really cool mum and dad who’ve not only had my back through everything but now, as an adult, I can actually call friends. I know, who knew I had emotions, ey?

I know a lot of people who aren’t lucky enough to get on with their parents, so today I just want to give mine a bit of a shout-out and talk about the best life lessons they’ve taught me over the years.

swing pin up


Be badass

I’ve never been afraid to try anything new, which I think is a huge testament to how I was brought up. Nothing was ever too big, or too impossible or too stupid to try – in fact, the impossible was almost encouraged – whether it was when I was 6 year old writing to the PM to see if he could ask Spain to ban bull fighting, or 26 and buying my first snowboard. It’s much easier to take a leap of faith when you know there are other people jumping with you.

Be kind

At the risk of sounding like a cringy Instagram quote; in a world where I could be whatever I wanted, my mum and dad taught me that the most important thing I could ever be is kind. We’ve always had a house full of strays – both animals and people, and as a kid I think it taught me that every living thing matters, and nobody is more important than anybody else. Shoutout especially to my mum for setting an example by grafting her little ass off volunteering at the local animal rescue for as long as I can remember.

Be strong

I’ve lost count of the amount of times my mum and dad have had my back over the years. I have fond memories of my dad screaming “she has the right to worship god however she chooses” at an old Spanish women who tried to bollock me outside a church because she didn’t like my shorts. I mean, I’m not even religious but that wasn’t the point, he wasn’t having anyone kicking off on his daughter for no reason. Another time a “drama mum” (same as soccer mum but worse) tried to intimidate me at a competition and my mum made a very fabulous, and very public show of her for bullying a little girl. In summary, they taught me to stand up for myself and not take shit lying down.

Be happy

Probably the most important thing anyone can teach another person; my mum and dad taught me that only I am in control of my own happiness. You might not have everything in the world but you can appreciate everything you have. And once you can do that, everything else starts to fall into place.

Until next time… x

**Check out my mam’s cool-ass blog Gardens and Wildlife

*** My dad doesn’t have a blog, but you can usually find him in Aldi buying some sort of ridiculous piece of machinery “because it’s going cheap” that will invariably injure him.

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Bella March 13, 2017 at 6:20 pm

Oh you absolute cutie! How lovely is this!? Those picture books are a fab idea actually – I want to get some more made for the little one because otherwise pictures just sit on phones forever these days don’t they :/ x


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