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Carrie Bradshaw is a dick: SATC2 Edition

I know I’ve written about the fact that Carrie Bradshaw is a dick before, and I know what most of us tried to block out the second Sex and the City film. But I think it’s time we addressed the fact that Carrie’s horrendous personality traits go full turbo in SATC2 and, if you weren’t already convinced she’s a horrendous character, you will be.

Let’s take a look at the evidence:

carrie bradshaw worst quotes

Within the first 20 minutes of the film it’s clear that Carrie is bored.

She’s finally finished decorating her ‘designer everything’ apartment and written her latest book chronicling her (sketchy at best) views on love, leaving her alone with her own, relentlessly irritating, train of thought. Which she unleashes on everyone around her.

Due to the recession… and at this point I should point out that, even in an escapist fantasy, the spectacle of four women without a single money issue between them, galavanting around this billionaire’s paradise in designer clothes at a time of widespread economic hardship is cringy at best. But this blog is about Carrie, not the shitshow of the film’s script.

As I was saying; due to the recession Carrie has been forced to make do with just the two enormous Manhattan apartments, one of which has a walk-in wardrobe that’s bigger than most London flats, and her and Big seemingly have more money than the entire city of Liverpool.

But Carrie wants more.

She wants sparkle.

carrie bradshaw satc2

She misses her old party-girl life and resents the fact that her husband wants to eat at home two nights a week and watch TV after work.

In true Carrie style she never misses a chance to complain about how awful her life is.

She complains that Big doesn’t take her out for tea and hour after they get home from a weekend wedding. She complains that he buys her a brand new TV instead of jewellery. She is so insulted by the takeaway on her dining room table she forces him to go out on a Monday night, after a rough day at work, despite him begging to stay home. Then she complains once they get home, because he dares to put the TV on.

Can you imagine being married to that?

Despite the fact that she’s clearly the aggravating human mosquito in her relationship, SHE cheats on HIM whilst on a girlie holiday to escape her problematic life. I don’t even want to talk about how she comes out of that one with a new diamond ring.

carrie bradshaw worst character

But it’s not just Big who bears the brunt of Carrie’s wake of self indulgence, her friends do too.

Despite the fact that Carrie does nothing, throughout the whole series and two films, but moan about her problems to her mates, she can’t handle them having any sort of opinion. When Charlotte suggests that going for a romantic meal with her ex is a bad shout, she screws her face up and spits; “just because you’re worried about your marriage, everyone’s gonna cheat.”

You might be able to understand her having a dig if it was an acquaintance lashing their 2cents in where it’s not wanted, but that’s her best mate who’s actively said she’s concerned about her husband. She expects all of the girls to be at her beck and call – even racing around the apartment like a teenager demanding they all swoop to her rescue when she cheats on her husband – but as soon as someone has a hint of an opinion, she snaps.

But, as with all spoilt brats, alls well that ends well for Carrie. So what’s the Director’s moral of Carrie’s long-drawn-out story? Be a dick and life will reward you?

I’ll let you be the judge… x

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Paula November 7, 2017 at 5:23 pm

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks Carrie is a bit of a dick!


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