Scarlett View…

Daniel Craig has retired as James Bond; and the world is in a state of mourning. 

And by world I mostly mean me and my little Nan who thinks he’s “got lovely eyes, hasn’t he love? And big arms.” So if you’re ever back in the North West, Dan, give Mary a bell.

Anyway, the race is on to see who will be the next 007, and the competition is fierce. But today, I wanted to take a look at three of the underdogs; the Rocky Balboa’s of the race, if you will, that I think should be in the running to be our newest ladies man.

Peter Dinklage

peter dinklage hot


Peter Dinklage is hot, there’s no denying it – anyone who has watched an episode of Game of Throne will agree. He’s already proved he can pull off charming, cunning and ruthless in the Dystopia of GOT, now let’s see him tearing up London in an Aston Martin.

Jack O’Connell

jack o connell hot

Why is James Bond always so upper class? Would it really be so shocking to think that Bond could be a little rougher round the edges? After all, you rarely learn to hot wire cars, fire guns and charm girls while you’re at boarding school in Kent buffing your sensible black school shoes, do you? You know Jack O’Connell would make a an amazing 007… and if not, can someone give him my number? Please?

Jim Jeffries

jim jeffries hot

OK, Bond has the looks, the body, the cars, the money… but do you know what’s sexier than all of that? A man who can make you laugh. So I’m backing Jim Jeffries in this dog race; he can charm any woman into bed, he’s got a sexy accent and, let’s face it, he’s a bit of a bad ass. 007 material? Yeah, I think so.

But the real question is? Who’s your true Bond?

Until next time… x


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