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The Real Deal

“David Dickinson is sat behind you.” “Shut up?! …Who’s David Dickinson?” “The orange one from Dickinson’s Real Deal.” -frantic Googling- “Oh shit, so he is. Go ask him for his autograph.” “Fuck off! …you go […]

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Grubby footed urchin

It has occurred to me that somewhere, in the last couple of years, I seem to have placed less and less value on the things that used to dominate my life. Glamour, nights out and […]

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The secret office diary

Welcome to the corporate rat race…** 9:10am: Arrive at work ten minutes late mumbling something incomprehensible about traffic, despite clutching a Starbucks with my hair full of shag tats. The three people who have actually […]

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Taking advantage of the grand total of 4 sunny days that Liverpool gets each Summer, I was walking along on my dinner today with my headphones on. Now when I say headphones, I don’t mean […]

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My parents are badass

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Last weekend my Mum and Dad got back from gallivanting around Asia** – aka; putting me to shame by being absolute couple and travel goals all at once. Seriously though, they stayed in tree-houses in […]

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Just smile kid

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Well, 2016 has been a fucking roller coaster, hasn’t it? I mean, every year is, when you look back over it – but 2016 was something else. Besides the carnage of Brexit, Trump and everyone […]

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