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Glitter and Vomit

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I’ve become very aware, over the last week, that breakups, however amicable, are always a double edged sword. On the one hand there’s a sense of relief; when you know deep down someone is toxic […]

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Something ridiculous has happened.

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It’s not even 7am. I’ve just woken up, bleary eyed, and it’s dawned on me that I really need to block a drug dealer’s number. I suppose I should probably give you a bit of […]

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Because adulting is expensive.

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From the outside, buying your first home seems like a very grown up thing to do… in reality it makes you acutely aware that being an adult is a lot like that episode of Friends […]

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December 18th 2015; ‘Mad Friday’ – the Friday before Christmas, renowned for festive debauchery, bad decisions and waiting 40 minutes for a drink at the bar.   In 2014 I was out with the rest […]

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The world’s scariest horror story

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Isn’t it crazy to think that you can be sat there, 78 weeks deep into an Instagram stalk of your fella’s ex bird, while simultaneously there’s probably someone, somewhere screenshotting your social media profile to send […]

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Live from Dublin – shit you need to know about Vikings

Because obviously my first vlog would be after a bender… Update: On the Viking walk, (which, unsurprisingly, was as heavy as you’d expect while still drunk from the night before) I learnt all about the […]

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