The Scarlett Guide To… People You Meet Travelling

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Sometimes booking things on a whim because it “might be a laugh” can turn out into the best experience of your life. Like a spontaneous trip to Paris – Paris is always a good idea! […]

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Terror In The Sky

Someone once told me that in just 10 of the massive 900,000 square hectares of Kuranda National Rainforest, you will come across more different species of animals and plant-life than you would if you walked across the […]

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See The Fairy Penguins in Melbourne, Australia

Anyone who’s being watching Frozen Planet over the last few weeks will know what amazing creatures penguins are – and if you haven’t been watching it, shame on you! I suggest that you log onto […]

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See A Koala In The Wild

When I planned my trip to Australia I fully expected to come home with thousands of photos of koalas and kangaroos – preferably all wearing cork hats and drinking fosters. Five and a half weeks I […]

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Drink In An Ice Bar

I would love to know who came up with the whole concept of the ice bar. It’s like a group of people got together to think of the most daft novelty idea they could, and […]

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Drink In Sydney’s Oldest Pub

Every guide book I read told me that ‘The Lord Nelson Hotel’ was the oldest pub in Sydney… (I admit I only actually read one, which was more of a leaflet… that I skimmed. But […]

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