After six weeks of escaping crocodiles and narrowly avoiding the throws of Davy Jones’ Locker in Australia, I landed in Malaysia for the first time, for 24 hours in Kuala Lumpur.

By that time I thought I could handle anything the city threw at me… after all, I was a big brave ‘traveller’ now. Little did I know, in Malaysia I am a jibbering wreck who can’t cope with anything (I blame the humidity). So here are a few of the obstacles I faced in Kuala Lumpur…

The Rash

Within the first few minutes of landing in Malaysia, I felt a sharp pain in my back – by the time I had reached the hotel this rash had come up. Without trying to sound dramatic, I genuinely believed I was going to die – to the point I was drowning my sorrows in the hotel bar and jotting down my will on a beer mat.

Of course, (just like the time I went to the doctor with a “brain hemorrhage  and they sent me away with some paracetamol) I was absolutely fine. It did, however, help me to realise that you never know what might happen while you’re away, so it’s important to sort your medical insurance out before you go anyway.

The Monorail

Although my hotel was within walking distance of the main shopping centre, I thought it would be fun to take the monorail there to see what it was like… at rush hour. Big mistake. As the monorail pulled up I peered in, wondering whether or not I would fit into the, already jam-packed, carriage. As it turns out, I did fit – along with what seemed like 100 people after me. As more and more people stormed poured in, squashing us into any available gap, I ended up spending ten minutes sat on the lap of an elderly Asian man. Never again.

The Naughty Monkeys

I’ve already talked about how much I loved the monkeys in the Batu Caves, but that’s not to say I wasn’t just a wee bit nervous as one was wrestling my flowers from around my neck. This little monkey might look all kinds of adorable, but let’s see if you feel the same after she’s just ripped chunks of your hair out.

Getting Lost

While everyone else was sleeping off their jet-lag, I decided I would go and explore the city a little on my own. Of course, within ten minutes I was completely lost. An hour and one hysterical phone call later, my Dad found me cowering in this corner. Talk about independent women!

Then there was the most dangerous of the lot….

Traders’ Sky Bar

The Sky Bar in Traders was, by far, one of the single coolest bars I’ve ever been to, and deserves a whole post to itself. But in short;  to combine a bar that sells one of the nicest Pinot’s I’ve ever tasted with a swimming pool in the centre is a pretty brave move, wouldn’t you say..?



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