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‘Tis the season to be… well, mostly drunk or hungover actually.

It’s also the season to eat chocolate for breakfast, cheese boards for dinner and dance long into the night. God, December is a fucking fabulous month, isn’t it. But to make sure you stay looking, and feeling, A1 for all of your Christmas shindigs, here’s a few tips to keep you at least borderline healthy this festive season.

Take your fucking makeup off

I really can’t stress this enough, girls. I don’t care how drunk you are, I don’t care what fitty you go to bed with, I don’t even care if you paid £40 for a full face and lashes, and want it to last two nights out… take your fucking foundation off before you go to sleep. Keep your smoky-eye on if needs be, but if you want to avoid spots during the party season, let your poor skin breathe.

christmas makeup tips

Stay hydrated

Water is your best friend this month. Prosecco hangover? Have a glass of water. Bad skin from a diet of advent chocolate and mulled wine? Have a glass of water. Spent another year disappointing your family? Might as well do it with great skin babe; so have a glass of water.

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Take your vitamins

Living on a diet of celebrations, wine and Berocca is great fun, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t doing anything for your body. So, if you’ve been swerving your 5-a-day in favour of the more exciting things in life, make sure you’re taking your vitamins – and for god’s sake, eat the veg on all of those Christmas dinners you’re getting invited to.  

healthy at christmas blog

Use a condom

Finally, Christmas might be the time for sharing, but absolutely nobody wants to find herpes under their Christmas tree – and by ‘Christmas tree’, I mean your party dress. So, if you’re planning any festive hook-ups this year, be sensible and use a condom.

use a condom gif

Happy December… x


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