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F*ck Reality

I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it. So last weekend me, my fella and a couple of our reprobate mates headed to Liverpool’s famous virtual reality arcade, VR Here, to kick the shit out of some zombies.

First Impressions

Honestly, I’m not a gamer, and my only experience with VR before was a shitty £10 headset that you put your phone into – so I wasn’t expecting much. But as soon as I got there I could see these lads knew their shit. There were four green booths, so you could play the one-player games all at once (forza no waiting around!) and also play the multiplayer games with your mates.

After a quick safety brief about cleaning the headsets before you put them on at the risk of pink eye, (which I was under the impression was only caught by someone farting in your face, but hey, the more you know) we got started.

Vr in liverpool

Getting to grips

Not to murder the cliche, but I couldn’t believe how real the graphics were. We jumped straight in with a shooting game, which was so much more fun than I expected it to be. It’s so much different to your average session on the Xbox; one controller became a gun to shoot spaceships with, whilst the other was a shield – and you could literally feel their bullets bouncing off it!

Then came the Zombie World game. Now, I had been walking round like cock of the walk all morning saying how much I love scary stuff, and how I couldn’t wait to kill some zombies. But when it came down to it – well, I’m just surprised anyone had any eardrums left the way I screamed the place down. It’s mental; even though you know it’s not real, when zombies are running at you you’re so engrossed in the world you genuinely believe it’s happening.  

After dying maybe 6 times, and having about 4 mini-strokes, I got the hang of stabbing zombies, (walking dead, come at me) and I was genuinely gutted to take the headset off. Coming back into the real world felt so weird. Honestly girls, this isn’t just a lad’s game, you’ve just as much chance at smashing it as anyone else there.

Is it worth going?

Definitely! To be honest, I’m not the girliest girl in the world, so this sort of thing is right up my street. But I think it’s particularly good for stag do’s or if you’re looking for date ideas that aren’t just dinner and drinks.
They’re open 5pm-9pm Tuesday to Friday, and 1pm-7pm at the weekend – so it’s perfect if you’re having a day or night in town. It’s around £20 for 30 mins, or £30 for an hour – which is an absolute bargain for a date, and it’s only a five minute walk from the city centre so there’s loads of places to grab a drink and heckle the cowards afterwards!

So yeah, get onto VR Here if you’re in Liverpool – and I’ll catch you in the Zombie apocalypse!

Until next time… x

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