Taking advantage of the grand total of 4 sunny days that Liverpool gets each Summer, I was walking along on my dinner today with my headphones on.

Now when I say headphones, I don’t mean the little white earphones that come with your phone. I’m talking a full-on bulky, over-the-ear number because, frankly, I still haven’t grown out of my 90’s grunge phase.

So there I am, mooching along minding my own business. When suddenly, out of fucking nowhere, I’m sliding along the pavement like it’s an ice rink.

Everything is in slow motion and I’m trying to keep my balance – but next thing I know I’ve gone down like a bag of potatoes and strangers are running to help me up.

Sat on my ass in the middle of The Asda car-park, confused and mortified I vaguely hear a little old woman say, “oh they shouldn’t have left that there, love.”

Anyway, it transpires that I slid and fell on a chippy sausage.

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