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Get the Grand National look


Say what you like about Liverpool, nowhere else in the UK does style and glamour quite like the people of Merseyside. Yes, the city that introduced the country to curly blows, on point brows and spray tans certainly doesn’t sign up to this ‘understated’ look that some people seem to favour. It’s not uncommon to see a girl nip out to the shops for a pint of milk and look better than someone on the red carpet at The Oscars.

So it goes without saying that when The Grand National rolls around, all eyes are on Liverpool. Coleen Rooney, show stopping outfits, fake tan, snidey Daily Mail paps, even more fake tan, a bit of horse racing – Aintree in April is the crown jewel in any self-respecting Scouser’s social calendar.

If you’ve not already decided on your look for this year, here are few options for you to choose from and pick your front runner (sorry).

Get your glam on

shutterstock_298789484Sure, some people will claim your wedding dress is the most important outfit you’ll ever wear but clearly they’ve never taken winning ‘Best Dressed’ at Aintree seriously.

The Races is the perfect opportunity to take everything to the next level and embrace your inner diva. Blow your last bit of credit on getting a dress custom made, get up at an ungodly hour to have your smokey eye perfectly applied, sip champagne in the hairdressers while having your weave seen to – go all out. Lets face it, there’s something quite beautiful about being in sequins and six inch heels and hitting the prosecco in what’s essentially a field before midday.

#ProTip Practice being in your heels at least one week before the big day as you CANNOT take them off once you’re there. No matter how bad the pain, it’s far more painful to spot yourself in the Daily Mail the next day carrying your shoes in your hand.

Alternative Look



If the dress and heels look isn’t quite your style, you’re not the only one! 

But don’t worry, tottering around in sky scraper heels and floor length dresses isn’t your only option this April. You’ve got enough time to get a fab alternative look

There’s nothing cuter than going for the full equestrian look; with cosy fur hats, tailored suits and polished boots. Or perhaps you want an alternative to the dainty shawl look and this tweed and faux fur wrap is more your kind of thing?

Whatever route you go down, it doesn’t matter as long as you own it and feel comfortable.*

*No, that doesn’t mean you can wear kitten heels though.

And for the lads


Gather round lads, I need to have a quick word. Look, your birds have been planning The Grand National with military precision since the second the Christmas tree was back in the attic – please try contribute a little to the day by not showing up looking like an absolute meff. All you have to do is buy a well fitted suit and try not to look like you’re on your way to court.

See how I said ‘buy a suit’? You can NOT borrow your dad’s. A good suit is one hell of an investment and I can’t believe some of you still need convincing about this. Oh, and once you get into town, you can all rip the ticket tag off. We all know where you’ve been. Don’t be a ming.

Until next time… x

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