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Let’s talk about the time Brian Harvey went on a potato binge and ran himself over.


Everyone has a story. I’m not talking about their life story; of course everyone has one of them, but for most people that’s just a series of uninteresting events saturated with awkward moments and the occasional near death experience that everyone can have a good LOL at during dinner parties.

No, I’m talking about the go-to story that we all have at our disposal to fill awkward silences, drunk conversations and long car journeys.

My fella, for example, will literally tell anyone who will listen that the people of Hartlepool once hung a monkey because it was dressed in a French military uniform and, having never seen a monkey nor a Frenchman before, they assumed that the monkey was a French spy.

My story is the time ex-East 17 band member, Brian Harvey, went on a jacket potato binge and ran himself over.

You can read the whole story here, (and, despite it being on the Daily Mail website, I really, REALLY recommend that you do) but, if you’re strapped for time, here are the crucial points:

1) Brian told the press “I was starving so I baked three jacket potatoes and stuffed them down. They were big. I put cheese on, then tuna mayonnaise and I ate the lot.”

2) He then went to his mates’ house, but couldn’t turn his Mercedes around in the cul-de-sac. At that point he got a wave of post-potato-binge sickness, (been there, Brian, been there) and opened the car door to be sick. He said, “instead of keeping my foot on the brake, it slipped on to the accelerator.”

3) At that point he fell out of the car, and woke up three weeks later in intensive care.

4) He’s categorically said that he will never eat a jacket potato again. In his own words; “I haven’t had a jacket potato since. I could never eat them again.”

And on that note, happy Friday… x

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