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Let’s talk about the word cunt.

try not to be a cunt

I posted the picture above a while ago, and within three hours my mum had rang telling me it had ruined an “otherwise funny blog.” 

It’s weird isn’t it, how a word can hold so much power. A word some people, mostly women, actually physically recoil from. A word that is considered the most offensive thing the English language has to offer. And we all just accept that; the most unpleasant thing you can call another person is another word for a lady’s faff?

Do you know what I think is offensive? That the worst word you can think of for male genitalia is “cock”, which isn’t going to upset anyone no matter how loud and aggressively you yell it, yet the word cunt has been given a really awful, almost dirty, connotation.

Personally, I think cunt is great word. I love that it holds so much power. As soon as you spit it out people shut up.

And I understand, of course, that the majority of people don’t like to hear anyone, especially not a young woman, throwing her see you next Tuesdays around so willy-nilly. But that’s their problem.

I’m holding onto this one for the girls. The way I see it, if anyone’s going to use our vaginas to insult people, it really ought to be us.

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