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Live from Dublin – shit you need to know about Vikings

Because obviously my first vlog would be after a bender…


On the Viking walk, (which, unsurprisingly, was as heavy as you’d expect while still drunk from the night before) I learnt all about the Viking history of Dublin. Of course I remember very little except for these very very important facts…

Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets.

I know. What the fuck. Everything I know about the world is a lie. Apparently the only authentic Viking helmet ever discovered is decidedly horn-free.

Vikings were groomed to fuck

Excavations of Viking sites have turned up tweezers, razors, combs and ear cleaners made from animal bones and antlers. Fancy.

Vikings were sly suffragettes

Even though girls would get married as young as 12, Viking women could inherit property, request a divorce and reclaim their dowries if their marriages ended.

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