Once again I’ve found myself back in the Sex and the City box set syndicate, and once again I think Carrie Bradshaw is a dick.

carrie bradshaw is a dick

But this time around, the more I think about it, the more I think that Miranda; the fabulous underdog of the series, would be the protagonist if the show was released in 2017. Perhaps it’s a sign of how times have changed since SATC was released 20 years ago, or maybe it’s just an age thing. But either way; Miranda Hobbes is by far the most relatable, and here’s why:

“The elephant in the room”

Let’s get straight to it and talk about the thing that, for some reason, makes everyone feel uncomfortable: abortion. Hardened SATC fans will know, Miranda ends up having Brady and is an A1 mum. But she does consider terminating the pregnancy because, frankly, it wasn’t planned. Now let’s speak candidly about this; when a pregnancy is unplanned there is always going to be an “oh shit” moment.

Having a child is quite possibly the most life changing thing that can happen to someone and, for better or worse, becoming a mother will change every aspect of your life. Miranda rationally considers how being a single mother will affect both her career, her love life and her life in general – which is something rarely explored in the media.

I’d like to think, had she have been the protagonist, the angst she, and thousands of women across the world who’ve also found themselves in that awful position, would have been more prominent…(rather than it being all about Carrie and her non-problem.)

Miranda hobbs best character

“Secret single behaviour”

Miranda is the only character you actually see watching TV. That episode where she’s getting horny binge watching an obscure English sitcom*, is every girl dealing with a Sunday afternoon hangover with a solid 6 hours of “Netflix and leave me the fuck alone”.

miranda hobbes blog

*Side note – the blatant TiVo marketing in that episode really is something else.

“Weight for it…”

I cringed writing that pun. Did you? Great.

So Miranda is not only the only character you see putting in a bit of graft at the gym, but she’s also the only one who – like almost every woman in the world at some point – struggled with weight and diets, (unless you count that episode when Charlotte doesn’t eat dessert one time because she’s self conscious about her thighs.)

Honestly, I’ve never related to anything as much as that episode where she bins the cake to stop herself from eating it, then does anyway.

miranda hobbes food

“Fashion conscious”

I wouldn’t go as far as saying Miranda is more fashionable in 2017 than Carrie would be, though her pixie cut and tailored suits are very in style right now. Personally, I think Sam is the real fashionista of the program, but Miranda definitely has the ‘realest’ style. You see her in dresses with designer heels, but you also see her in her scruffs when she’s chilling – because, spoiler; that’s what people do.

Also, whilst hemorrhages money on things so expensive it would actually make the average person’s purse bleed, (see the $300 cushion in SATC movie) Miranda is a bit more savvy. She likes her designer labels, but she also understands that 100 pairs of $500 shoes = a mortgage, you know, like a real 30 something woman.

miranda hobbs relatable

“Serving realness”

And finally, Miranda famously isn’t scared to call people out when they’re being utterly fucking ridiculous. From accepting that sometimes people just aren’t that into you, to letting Carrie know shes out of order, Miranda is the mate we might not deserve but we all desperately need.

he's just not that into you

Until next time… x

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Jade Leech June 27, 2017 at 11:19 am

Ahhh I love, love, love this post – I love how direct and straight to the point Miranda! Her attitude and confidence is literally amazing!

Jade x


Lana June 29, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Wow, this was a great post. Miranda is one of my favourite character. Love it!


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