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Back to the grind

Working out is like changing your sheets; you dread doing it, then when you finally give in you spend the whole time sweating and hoping someone would just put you out of your misery… but when it’s done, you feel amazing.

However, despite the fact you know you’ll feel great afterwards, dragging you ass to the gym in January is no easy feat. You’re already battling against the dark nights and cold mornings – not to mention the fact that you ate so many tubs of celebrations in December that your gym clobber now looks more sausage casing than #fitfam.

But don’t fret; joyless January is over and fit February is here. I know, I just absolutely vommed in my mouth at that horrifying attempt at alliteration too. But it’s there now, so just go with it.

Now, if you’ve been smashing your resolutions already then I’m crazy-proud of you,, but please go and be slim and smug elsewhere. Ok, we’re just left with the lazy bitches now? Great. So if you’re still not ready to hit the gym hard, how do we ease our way back into the graft…

pin up workout

Workout on your commute

Walk it off

Try and add more walking into your daily routine by getting off the bus a few stops early, parking further away or swerving your car altogether. You’ll soon have thighs that could snap the neck of a man.

Clench that ass

Literally just that, clench your ass, over and over again. I mean, you’ll almost definitely get some strange looks bobbing up and down in your seat, but it’s a small price to pay for an ass that can rival Kylie Jenner.

Workout at work

Kegels at your desk

The best thing about these is that no one knows you’re doing them…but you do! If you don’t know what kegal exercises are then I insist you start immediately. Just clench your inner thigh muscles together, like you’re holding in pee, then un-clench. Simple as that. Before you know it you inner thighs will transform from angel foreskin to rock hard surfboards – and your sex life will be better than ever.

Leg Lifts

Exactly what they say on the tin; basically kick your legs under your desk like that annoying kid in assembly – your coworkers won’t thank you, but your thighs will.

Tricep dips

If you want rock-hard-Jennifer-Aniston-Arms and do some tricep dips by putting your hands on the seat of your chair, (palms facing aeway from you) and simply lower yourself up and down.

Office yoga

Finally, if you’re going to try and rope your colleagues into your new healthy lifestyle, the firm at furniture at work released this video of how to turn the whole office into yoginis!

Workout at home

YouTube it

The internet is full of workouts that you can do wearing nothing but your underwear int he private of your own living room. You can even re-hydrate with wine without judgement there, so win win. My personal fave is basically anything that Deann Berry does ever; talk about a girl crush!

Netflix and Workout

The nights are dark and cold, so there’s no better excuse to work up a sweat in the sheets. Yeahhhhh you know what I’m saying.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up. It’s only February, there’s plenty of time to look like the goddess you are by bikini season.

Until next time… xx

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