Childhood terrors

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So yesterday me and my fella were discussing things that we found absolutely terrifying as kids – and we got onto the subject of flying ant day. For those of you who don’t know what

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Yoga is absolutely not for pussies.

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Let me level with you; I’ve always thought yoga was for people who couldn’t be arsed to actually break a sweat. People who only eat organic foods, who call their kid ‘Apple’ and who look

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“At dawn, we ride.”

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This isn’t a proper post, but it was far too important not to share. Drop everything you’re doing, it doesn’t matter anymore. Because THIS is happening RIGHT NOW. “At dawn, we ride.” For those of

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How to get over a break up

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If you’ve managed to have an amicable break up or stay friends with your ex then good for you, you’ve won this round. For the rest of us normal people breakups are shitty. And they’re

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Death eaters forever.

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 There are few things I love more than getting emails from you lovely people who read this blog. Over the last couple of years I’ve had some lovely ones that have given me all the

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3 stages of your quarter life crisis

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The ‘quarter life crisis’ is absolutely a thing – and, as irrational periods of complete panic and confusion go, it’s pretty shitty. So, now I’ve safely come out the other side and I’m not a

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