A crank walks into a bar…

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So, my newest project; Drink in Liverpool has launched! I can’t speak for my partner in crime; OSB, (I wouldn’t fucking dare, she’s got a cosh and she knows how to use it) but I feel like

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Bumps in the night

It’s 2am on my first night in my new flat and I’ve woken up, bleary eyed, to the sound of banging. I stumble into my pretty new lounge; trying to untangle my legs which, somehow,

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To the left, to the left

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When I started seeing my ex-boyfriend I was 18 and our first date was organised using my gem-encrusted Nokia 3310. Not long after he was given the (highest) honour of a place in my MySpace

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You’re going to be just fine.

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Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us that, within a split second, can turn our whole lives upside down. Life can be shitty like that. It’s a sad fact of life

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Handbag vodka

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In a perfect world there would be no awkward social occasions that require alcohol to soften the blow, nights out wouldn’t cost the earth and everywhere would serve a really decent Bacardi Oakheart. Unfortunately we

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Surviving wedding season

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When you hit a certain age you find that Wedding ceremonies inevitably (and often reluctantly) become part of your summer plans.  90% of the time it’ll fall smack bang in the middle of a bank

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