Back to the grind

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Working out is like changing your sheets; you dread doing it, then when you finally give in you spend the whole time sweating and hoping someone would just put you out of your misery… but […]

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This is an intervention.

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Listen, honey, I’m about to hit you with some tough love truth: If he wanted to speak to you, he would have text or called.  Yes, I know you like him and I know it […]

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People stalking your profile right now

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Mad isn’t it, to think that you can be 107 weeks deep into an Instagram stalk of your fella’s ex, while somewhere out there your ex’s new girlfriend is probably doing the same on yours. […]

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What does your tattoo say about you?

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BY ZOEYAK Nothing lets you know someone is prone to making bad life decisions better than a dodgy looking tattoo. My favourite people all have a bit of ink that was designed after one too […]

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Everyone has a different level of petty when they’re pushed to their limits. My mum, for example, lashes my Dad’s pillows in the pond every time he winds her up. A mate of mine throws […]

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The 5 types of biker girls… (that you’d be lucky to keep up with)

Motorbikes are sexy as fuck, and so are the guys that ride them. From America’s famous Hell’s Angels to the the Mods and Rockers of the 60’s and 70’s; motorbikes have been the epitome of […]

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