A couple of weeks before we headed off to Paris, The Boyfriend and I sat down to plan some of the fabulous things we wanted to do while we were there…

Of course I use the term ‘sat down’ loosely; having absolutely no organisational skills the reality was The Boyfriend sat on the computer tapping away into Google, while I lay on the couch swigging cheap wine from the bottle and shouting unrealistic suggestions at him.

Anyway – considering that he’s still a student and most of my measly pay packet tends to go on stationary I don’t need, sponsoring dogs in the local animal rescue and Tesco-value vodka – we were hardly in a position to book all of  the elaborate experiences we would have liked to.

Nevertheless, you only get one first time in Paris, so we wanted to make sure we booked one fancy thing to do while we were there. So after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing (in which I nearly paid £150 each to attend a glorified cheese-festival) we decided on a champagne cruise down the River Seine, with O Chateau.

Well quite frankly, it was fucking wonderful!

I can’t stress enough how relaxing and enjoyable the trip was; not only did we get to see some the sights we hadn’t had the chance to visit, whilst having all our questions about both champagne and the city answered… but the “3 glasses of champagne” we were expecting, instead seemed to be a loose measurement for “your glass will never be empty”.

As we staggered off the boat around 6 glasses of champagne later, the carousel in front of the Eiffel Tower suddenly became much more appealing than it had been a few hours earlier…

So before my boyfriend could remind me of our deal where I try not to humiliate him in public any more, I paid my3 euros and climbed onto one of the horses, ready for four minutes of being laughed at by hoardes of tourists.

Considering there was only me and one disgruntled toddler on the whole carousel, I (once again) found myself the subject of a shocking amount of photos taken by a couple of giggling Japanese women…

So, as always, if you see any of these images on a “Drunk White Girl’s For Sale” site, give me a heads up.

Just to clarify, I haven’t received any money or freebies whatsoever in return for writing this post – I genuinely do just think the trip is a must-do for anyone visiting Paris.



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