If you’re from the UK you will know that next Saturday hosts the biggest racing event of the year; Aintree Grand National…

…so women across the country are donning their best frocks, grabbing their fascinators and heading to Liverpool on mass.

Whilst some women grab an old faithful dress, some go all out… and being a local girl I’ve seen my fair share of gorgeous outfits at the races… That said I’ve also seen my share of horror stories.

So before you get carried away with your outfit, welcome to… The Scarlett Guide to Dressing For The Races

Think about… your shoes:

Whether you want a better view of the horses, or you’re just after a spongy surface to sit down and catch some rays – I can guarantee that you’re going to find yourself stood on one of the sloping grassy mounds for the majority of the day.

Now, I’m not going to lie and tell you that I’ve never given in to the pain, kicked my outrageous heels off  and thrown back a few glasses of Jaques in my bare feet – but I think we agree that it’s not exactly the classiest option. If you don’t want to look miniature all day, but want to keep your dignity intact, choose heels with large surfaces, so you don’t end up taking half the turf home caked around your stiletto. Better yet, choose wedges – that way if you’re mini like me, you can go as high as you like without worrying about sinking into the grass!

Think about… the alcohol bloat:

Yes, you *could* spend the majority of your day queuing at the main bar for every time you want to quest your thirst, then gingerly sip your Pinot like a lady – or you could face up to the fact that hours in the baking sun will have you chasing after those “Fosters Men” who walk around with a keg-pack on their backs for a sip of their sweet, sweet beer. (A few years ago my boyfriend actually tried to buy one of these “Fosters Men”. Not just his keg-pack. The man. Like a butler. For the whole day. But that’s a story for another time…) 

Anyway, between the beer and the choice of fast food tempting you from every direction, chances are come 3pm, you’re going to feel a little bloated – so keep this in mind before you go for a stomach-bearing two piece, or a body-con dress!  

Think about… the weather:

This is Britain girls, so although the National is usually a nice day, don’t hedge your bets on there being sunshine. Make sure that you check the weather forecast before you go, and pack a brolly if there’s even the slightest inkling of bad weather.

But it’s not just rain that us ladies need to think about when we pick our outfits – I remember one particularly windy Ladies Day, when I thought it was bad enough having to chase my hat around the grounds… until my dress blew up as I stopped in front of a gang of middle aged men.

I’m just going to say it girls… don’t wear a thong!

…and perhaps choose a fascinator if it’s a windy day!

On that note, I’ll leave you with the best tips a seasoned races girl can give you…

  1. Do listen to Grand National Tips from the old guy holding a racing paper!
  2. Don’t listen to tips from random drunks!
  3. …and most importantly: Don’t bet you’re cab fare home!

 Have fun hotties!


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