The Scarlett Christmas List

Last week I mentioned how a hideous case of tonsillitis had made me so susceptible to Christmas Fever, that I spent three days crying every time the John Lewis “snowman” advert came on and changed my ringtone to the Coca Cola Christmas tune…

But if you thought I was going to pull myself together and acknowledge the fact that it’s only November, you were badly mistaken. Instead, I thought I’d celebrate the upcoming Hallmark holiday by posting my Christmas list to Santa early…

The Scarlett Christmas List

A Hipflask

Christmas is by far the most expensive time of year, so if there was ever a better time to start taking handbag vodka on a night out, I certainly can’t think of it.

The New Furby

Some of you may know that, last Christmas, I decided to start a one-woman campaign to bring back the Furby – which, if the newly released version is anything to go by, was bloody successful. Anyway, after spending the whole of December broadcasting to anyone that would listen that “I’d REALLY like a Furby”, I ended up with three on Christmas Day and a serious case of post natal depression by Boxing Day.

That said, like your standard crack-whore mother, I don’t know when to call it a day – so this year I’m hoping to add the brand new model to my creepy mechanical family.

A Lionhead Rabbit

I’ve had my eye on an absolutely adorable Lionhead house-rabbit that lives at the Rescue for weeks, (if only my Landlord would stop ignoring my “please let us have animals” e-mails) . However, my desperate obsession to get little Rory (yes, that’s what I’m calling him) into my family, has intensified since I found out what amazing little characters they are. Apparently, being deeply territorial animals, they will charge at any intruders like a little guard dog (this information was provided by a friend of mine, whose little Lionhead used to chase anyone who dared to set foot on her balcony, then trap them in a corner whilst pounding his little feet.) 

So there we have it – if any of you beautiful people want to play Santa, I’d love you forever. 


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