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The Really Honest Review #2 – Tour de Liverpool

The Really Honest Review is a monthly/weekly/when I can be arsed-ly round up of where I’ve been, what I’ve done – and whether or not it was shit. No fluff… just the good stuff. 

Out and About.

Long story that I won’t bore you all with, but it ended in me taking a group from the Philippines round Liverpool last weekend. I love showing people around the city, because it always forces you to do all the shit that’s literally on your doorstep but you never get round to visiting.

One of them mentioned they were a big Harry Potter fan – now I know there’s a vaguely tenuous link between HP and St. George’s Hall so I thought fuck it I’ll take them there. If you haven’t been, is definitely worth a visit. I mean – it’s not the kind of place you’d spend the whole day, but it’s free and has loads of history so it’s worth even just popping in on your dinner one day.

Anyway, while they were having a good mooch around, my mum and I – who’d smashed a bottle of prosecco in over lunch – decided it’d be DEAD hilarious and not at all inappropriate to crack on with a ‘creepy photo shoot’. It’s hardly a wonder that, when I gave them all a hug goodbye, one of the lads went “oh gosh, no thankyou” as I went towards his, arms open. I swear I’ve played the moment over in my brain at least 300 times since.

st georges hall liverpool

Food and Bevs.

After years of threatening to go, I finally made it to Lark Lane on Saturday and – for those of you who haunt it on the reg – how cute is it please? Me and ultra-doll, Sam, decided to treat ourselves to a classy little night out, so we headed to Love and Rockets, which I’m calling as the best bar to go to on a first date. It’s absolutely gorgeous, with fairy lights and boss music. And we all know us bitches love fairy lights. So lads, get on it.

Naturally, the classy night ended up with us bladdered in the Lisbon, organising to climb Snowdon with a gorgeous Drag Queen we met in the toilets – but god loves a trier.  

love and rockets liverpool


On the same day I got weird in St Georges’ Hall, I took the Filipinos up to the top of the Anglican Cathedral for the Tower Experience to get the best view of Liverpool.

But was it the best view of the city though?

It was my first time up there and IMO, nah, it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong Liverpool would look fit as fuck from anywhere, but because of the architecture it’s kind of like looking at the city from a crack in the door. Nice to do, but hardly insta-worthy, if that’s what you’re after. But, hey, what do I know – and for £5.50 its worth a mooch for yourselves. Just be aware that there’s two lifts and 108 stairs to tackle before you get to the top – so maybe give it a miss if you freak out in space spaces or get heart palpitations getting out of bed.

tower experience liverpool

Until next time… x

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