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At any given moment, if you look around, at least 80% of the people in your direct eye line will be staring at their phones.

I’m not having a go; I’m invariably one of them. In fact, just yesterday me and some lad had a head on collision because both of us were so wrapped up with laughing at something on the tiny screen that we didn’t see the other coming.

Before you start, this isn’t a post reminiscing about the good old days when people ‘actually spoke to each other’ – quite the opposite actually. If anything, I think the internet brings people together.

Put it this way; a stranger follows you online because you’re funny and you’re a bit made up…  a stranger follows you home because they overheard one of your jokes at the bar and you call the police. The same with meeting people; it’s socially acceptable to strike up a conversation with a stranger on social media… but start chatting to someone on the tube and all of sudden you’re the potential crackhead-axe murderer that everyone is shifting in their seats away from.

So instead of moaning about how the internet is the ruin of the world like every Tom, Dick and Harry over 50 seems to do, (ironically usually voicing their opinions via Facebook or their blog) I’ve teamed up with Match.com today to create the #InternetsBestDate. 

Go on a date with Kit Harrington… dressed as Jon Snow and never breaking character


Wearing the dress that really broke the internet…

beyonce met gala

Be serended by Tanisha… 

While eating the famous cheese-pull-apart loaf…

cheese pull apart bread

At the dog cafe in Shoreditch

pug cafe

Finally, channel our inner Seth and James and recreate Bound 2

Find out more about Match.com‘s #InternetsBestDate competition here

Until next time… x


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