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Our second day in Brussels was all about immersing ourselves in the culture of the city; seeing the sights, chatting to the locals, tasting the food.

What this loosely boils down to is this; we got lost for 5 hours straight, found a church to take selfies in, drank too much sangria at the restaurant with the fittest waiter, and practiced our french… badly. “Une Vodka Red BOOOOOL, si vous plait? Merci, sound, nice one queen.”

drinks in Brussels

It may not have been the day of sightseeing the Lonely Planet would have you embark upon, but we had a laugh – and isn’t that what travel is all about? Anyway, here are some of the things I learnt about Brussels that day:

– They speak French. Yes, I’ve already told you I should have known this before I went, I’m not proud of the fact I didn’t. But if you’re going in as blind-sighted as I did, this is a good bit of information to know.

– Brussels is European as fuck. Between the architecture, the cafe culture and the fact it’s completely acceptable to have a pint before 11am, it doesn’t get more European than here.

– Nobody checks your tram tickets. Ever. So don’t fret if you don’t have change for the machine – in the end we just kept hold of our old ones and winged it.


After a long day of being cultured AF we headed back to our samuari sword infested Air B’n’B… to which we were greeted with the news that someone, (Zoe, it’s lucky I love her, I swear to god) had only booked the room for two nights rather than three.

It dawned on us that we had three options; use the last of our euros on an expensive hotel, stay in the Air B’n’B host’s brother’s house as he suggested, (yes, it sounded as murder-y to us as it does to you) or stay out and go straight to the airport at 4am ready for our 7am flight.

Quite the fucking dilemma, wouldn’t you agree?

Until next time… x



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