When faced with a break-up, people tend to go one of two ways; to the gym or on a long romantic walk to the fridge.

So, considering I fight the endless battle between my love of food and my fear of getting fat at the best of times, when my ex and I split up a few months ago I decided that a gym membership was a necessity rather than a pleasure.

Now, as someone who’s always been a fierce advocate of working out at home in the comfort of my own pjs, (never underestimate the power of Deanne Berry and her clubland workouts) dragging myself out of bed every day to hit the gym was a truly hideous shock to the system.

So trust me, I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself – and now that the nights are longer and eating carbs from the warmth of your bed is just that little bit more tempting, I thought I’d share a couple of things that help to motivate me to get my arse into the gym.

pinup gym

Treat yo’self

I’ve always begrudged buying gym clothes because I’d much rather spend my money on day-to-day outfits that I won’t spend the whole time sweating in. But the fact is; if you feel like you look like shit at the gym then you’re not going to want to be there. Treat yourself to some cute gym clothes and a decent pair of trainers and I guarantee you’re much more likely to want to go.

I’ve get the majority of my stuff from JD because there’s absolutely loads of choice – and though I’m a firm believer that absolutely every occasion calls for a pair of heels, ever since I got my new Nike Air Maxes a couple of weeks ago I’ve been bouncing round in them practically full time, (you can buy them here by the way – you are welcome.)

The fifteen minute rule

Whenever the idea of hitting the gym makes me die a little bit inside, I promise myself that if I go I only have to stay for fifteen minutes, (the key to this is finding a gym that you have to go past on your way home every day.)

I’d love to say that I’ve never actually given up after 15 mins, but I’d be lying – sometimes a girl just can’t be arsed. Still, fifteen minutes better spent than sat on the couch I suppose.

Hit Instagram dead hard

There are thousands of ‘fitspiration’ accounts out there, packed full of people with amazing figures – the type of figure you could have if you weren’t sat in front of the TV working on your fifth slice of doorstep cheese on toast, (worth being fat for, soz) that evening – or so I tell myself. I’ve followed a whole host of them in a bid to inspire me to put the hours in.

Social Media Stalk

Oh come on, don’t even lie. You know we’ve all got that one person on Facebook who inspires us to work out. Whether it’s that girl who you hate because she always looks immaculate, (except that you can’t even really hate her because she’s invariably a fucking lovely person as well – bitch) your fella’s ex or just some fitty you fancy – have a little stalk of their page and you’ll be on the elliptical in no time… just be careful; an accidental slip of the thumb while social media stalking can cause no end of awkwardness, but that’s a blog for another time.

Until next time… x


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