September 2011

During my degree, one of the only things that would get me through an all-night library session the day before a huge essay was due in, (besides four litres of diet coke and a variety pack of Monster Munch) was the comments scrawled in the margins by the students of decades gone by.

A preserved snapshot into the minds of people who have been in the same boat as you, a welcome acknowledgement that you’re not alone in your last-minute panic and hatred for Tom Brown’s Schooldays. A realisation that you’re not the first to conjure up a millions different ways to commit suicide using The Complete Works Of Shakespere rather than actually read it.

For me, it was the tiny bit of encouragement I needed to down a can of Red Bull and keep going. They say all it takes is an unexpected smile to change the course of someone’s day; so I figured that, if that student camaraderie can keep me going at  the 3am breaking point, there’s a chance that a few words of support from a random stranger could help to cheer someone up in the ‘real world’ who might be going through a hard time.

So I went to the library and found the most depressing looking self-help book I could and slipped this note inside…

I have no idea if depressed people get books out of the library… but if it makes someone’s day a tiny bit more bearable, it’s worth a shot.


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