Twenty-five is a weird age; on the one hand you feel like you should be using this time to work towards your thirties, putting financial building blocks in place and taking measures to ensure you don’t end up selling your vital organs for 30 quid and the promise of a cup of tea and biscuit afterwards.

…On the other hand, this is the time in your life when you have no responsibilities, no-one depending on you and the opportunity to do whatever you want with your life.

The world should be your oyster, but sometimes it can feel like your inferno. Your head is constantly full of questions; “what am I doing with my life?”,  “how will I ever find job security/afford a house at today’s prices/find a partner/get out of your parents’ house when my debt goes up with every penny I make/earn money at the job I want?”

Generally I like to take each day as it comes – I hate routine, so not knowing where my life is headed has always been an exciting concept to me. But over the last six months I’ve been in textbook ‘quarter life crisis’ mode; worries have loomed at every corner, I’ve been yearning for my 18 year-old life more and more and, like many 25-30 year old’s I’ve felt confused around 23 out of 24 hours a day.

Basically, I’ve felt way out of my depth.

So, after a mini breakdown last week, me and the boyfriend decided it was time to stop worrying and grab life by the horns again.

 We’ve decided to head off to Australia to see what adventures await us there. 

It might not be the best way to handle a quarter life crisis, but I would sure as hell rather worry on a beach… 


The time I went Jungle Surfing…

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When I started this little blog over a year ago I had the idea that it was going to be a bucket list blog, chronicling all of my exciting adventures and pushing me to try new things… […]

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Thumbnail image for GET THE SHOT GIRL…

 So… my first encounter with a dolphin wasn’t quite the romantic experience I anticipated – being dead and all it wasn’t really up for too much Scarlett-lovin’.  Anyway, as the poor thing floated upside down past me […]

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Brighton Beach, Melbourne ‘v’ Brighton Beach, UK

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When I was a baby my parents lived in St. Kilda, meaning that I spent the first couple of years of my life making sandcastles on the beach… So when I visited Melbourne 20 years later, checking […]

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The Mystery Of The Daintree Cat Killer…

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 Daintree rainforest is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen… Seriously it is… I mean, once I’d got past the initial terror at the various signs warning me about my untimely death […]

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At least I didn’t wet myself…

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As I said, Melbourne’s Fairy Penguins are some of the most amazing little creatures I’ve ever encountered up close and I could have stood watching them wandering around all night… Unfortunately, as the dark fell […]

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