Every guide book I read told me that ‘The Lord Nelson Hotel’ was the oldest pub in Sydney…

(I admit I only actually read one, which was more of a leaflet… that I skimmed. But still the fact was there in black and white)

As I love a bit of history and love a drink I decided that it would have been rude not to add Sydney’s entry to my list of ‘oldest drinking establishments to make a show of myself in’ while I was there. After wandering round for half an hour, (up the hill…down the hill… back up the hill…) I finally sat down to a ‘scooner’ of their signature 1-1-1 pale ale (trying desperately not to think about American Pie)

I thought everyone was, like me, just enjoying the ambiance of the pub… but my Mum had other things on her mind. Having just bought a Tibetan Singing Bowl (not  her strangest purchase of our travels, but certainly the loudest and most irritating when used as a alarm clock substitute) she was desperate to play with it… so demonstrating her utter lack of self control she got it out and gave it a tap…

As the huge “GONGGG” echoed around the walls, one of the old alcoholics piped up “last orders already”… followed by a chain of people going “no it can’t be, it’s too early”“quick get your drinks in”. The glare we got from the, now completely overwhelmed, barmaid was enough for us to drink up and scuttle out of there.


Walking back to my hotel, feeling ever so cultured after crossing another ‘oldest pub of somewhere’  from my list, I was gutted to suddenly see this right in front of me.

Someone was definatly telling fibs, but not wanting to be cheated I insisted on going in. After that I saw another two claiming to own ‘oldest’ title…

Needless to say the morning after wasn’t one of my freshest.


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