What your fella REALLY wants for Valentines Day

Contrary to popular belief, not every girl dreams of Valentine’s day from January 1st – some of us (guilty) still haven’t even thought about what to get their fella… I mean, it’s easier for lads though isn’t it. We can’t just buy flowers to win the present war, we have to be a bit more creative. So if, like me, you’ve waited until the day before to buy a gift, here’s some ideas that your man will actually appreciate…

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Something that smells good

Aftershave; the old faithful V-day gift. It might seem cliche, but it’s classic – and, more importantly, it’s u a great opportunity to get your lad smelling sexy in your favourite brand. If you want to steer away from the usual bottle of Hugo Boss or 1 Million, why not try my personal favourite hot-boy scents from Bluebeard’s Revenge, (who do a massive range of male grooming products so you can stock up and have your man looking immaculate in no time!)Try something a bit different than the usual fragrances and

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Something for the beard

While we’re on the subject of male grooming, let’s talk about beards – and how they make any man look at least 45% hotter. Fact. (Oh, and moustaches make you look 45% creepier. It’s science.) Anyway, you can’t go wrong with a decent Braun beard trimmer – even if your guy has already got one, you can guarantee he will use it until it’s worn out, and a second means he can have one for his face and one for… ahem… manscaping.


Something for Summer

The nights are finally getting lighter, and I don’t know about you but I’m getting all kinds of excited for Summer. So why not get your lad in the bbq-day-drinking-summer-nights-spirit with some fezzy tickets or some statement sunglasses like my absolute fave Maui Jim Snapback frames.

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Something fun

Boys just want to have fun too, so why not get you both tickets to do something a bit different; like Axe throwing… or if you’re having a night in how about a Polaroid VR headset from JOY if you want to watch your fella look absolutely mental for three hours (check out my Instagram if you don’t believe me!)

VR headset

Something to wind down with

I don’t know about yours, but for my fella nothing says “I love you babe” after a long week grafting than beer. Instead of just heading to Costco for your bang average crate of Peroni, why not getting something a bit more special like London Lager.

beer gif

Something for the bedroom

Oh let’s just face it; February 14th is the international day of sex. And I fully support that. So why not say Happy Valentine’s day with something sexy; a new outfit, a sex toy or if you’re keen to spice it up a bit have a go at playing Monogamy together. And if you really want to go all night, get yourselves in the mood with some Prelox beforehand, you won’t regret it.

sexy gif

And finally, lads if you’re looking for something to send to your girl’s work that will have her the envy of the office – try something a bit different and send her a gorgeous Bryt gift box. I was feeling a bit gremlin-like the other day so I treated myself and I honestly cannot tell you how amazing this stuff is – flowers die, but gorgeous skin lasts forever!

Until next time… x

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