The Haunted Pubs of Liverpool

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas – Halloween! So, as I wrote about the haunted pubs of York a couple of months ago, I thought I’d give all you little Wednesday Addams’ like me out there, a heads up on the best haunted pubs in Liverpool that you should definitely visit this month!

haunted pubs in liverpool

The Old Post Office

Whilst The Postie might be a haunt for after-work bevs these days, legend has it that in 1902, it was being run by a fella named Thomas Henshaw and his wife Annie. When they took over the pub, they allegedly found a tiny room upstairs which was locked up and the keyhole was plugged with putty.

The old men who drank in The Postie (some of which are probably still draped over the bar pissing off the staff now by the looks of things) warned the couple that the room shouldn’t ever be opened as it contained a terrifying spirit.

But, ignoring the Liverpool rumour-mill, one of Thomas’ old mates who was staying at the pub one night, apparently unblocked the keyhole and looked in… only to see something which horrified him so deeply he never spoke sense again and was committed to a lunatic asylum.

So, basically your average night in Popworld then?

Peter Kavagnah’s

With spooky caricatures carved into benches, and all sorts of strange and unusual paraphernalia adorning the walls, it’s hardly surprising that Peter Kavagnah’s is considered one of the most creepy pubs in Liverpool.

The story goes that a séance held in 1844 called a spirit called Marmaduke, (which sounds like a refugee from The Magic Roundabout if you ask me but that’s really by the by) which still mooches through the walls to this day. Can’t say I’ve seen anything myself, but with doubles for dirt cheap it’s definitely worth visiting this quirky little place for a drink.  

Ye Hole in Ye Wall

Now then, along with approximately 73 other places in Liverpool, Ye Hole claims to be the oldest pub in town. But, while they all fight it out for the crown between them, let’s talk about the ghostly old man that is said to wreak havoc for punters trying to have a drink.

Believe it or not though, that’s not even the scariest thing about Ye Hole. It was also the last pub in Liverpool to allow women to drink there, waiting until 1977– the utter the cheek of it, though!

The Philharmonic Dining Rooms

Last but definitely not least we have the infamous Phil; renowned for being one of the most ornate and fit-as-fuck places to drink in Liverpool. Back in the 1800’s it was a very upper class Gentleman’s Club, which explains the wood paneling, couches straight out of a porno and the famously lavish men’s toilets – anyone else imagining a scouse Hugh Hefner right now?

Anyway, I don’t know if The Phil has it’s own ghostly resident, but it’s on my list of horror-houses after I made a mad dash into the gents to catch a glimpse of these renowned urinals last year… only to run smack bang into my ex. Having a piss. Taxi for Scarlett…

Until next time… x

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