The worst thing about office romances

We all know office romances are a bad idea, that information isn’t new.

Some work out, of course. But 99.9% end up as an awkward groundhog day you can never escape. As they say, don’t shit where you eat.

People won’t listen though. I know I didn’t a few years back – and a mate of mine who started her new job this week is already scoping the gaff for fitties. But let me tell you what I told her, and what people told me: do not get involved with someone at work.

office romance

But let’s assume you’re (stupidly) going to ignore my advice, let me tell you this:

Besides the obvious horrors that inevitably come with the aftermath of dating someone you have to see every fucking day, the biggest problem I had when I had a bit of an ‘office romance’ a few years back… I mean, if you want to call two months of mediocre dates, where he would work his way through a small mountain of cocaine then attempt to thumb in a softie, ‘romance’.

The biggest problem I had was that I had to look a solid 10 every day in work. Do you know what a graft that is?

I don’t just mean you have to put your makeup on every day, and try to tame your standard Tuesday ‘I hate everything’ barnet into something a bit more appealing – but you have to maintain that fucking charade all day long.

The first few months is where you only want to be seen as a beautiful nymph, because you mightn’t have won them over with your amazing personality enough yet to fully reveal yourself as the slob you are.

I mean, were talking take your make-up bag to work type shit here. I swear, I put on about 3kg of pure muscle just lugging all my glow-up equipment to and from the office. It’s hard enough applying the perfect winged eyeliner before a night out – let alone while you’re sweating up in the ladies toilets after a particularly stressful meeting with your boss.

So if you’re genuinely considering an office romance ask yourself this; is it really worth the extra admin?

Until next time… x

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